Age-related hearing loss is widespread 

Age-related hearing loss is widespread and perfectly normal. But not for those affected. They find it extremely unpleasant not being able to follow conversations properly or having to turn up the volume on the TV so loud that others are inconvenienced. There are plenty of sixty- or seventy-year-olds, however, who stubbornly resist tackling their hearing impairment. And that is completely understandable. Who, after all, is prepared to take on voluntarily months of visits to doctors, audiologists and health insurance companies only to end up investing a small fortune in a hearing aid?

Free hearing test and trial

Fortunately, all that now belongs in the past. Nowadays, you can have your hearing tested free of charge in many pharmacies and at the chemist’s, opticians and other Sonetik partners. And if you wish, you can also be fitted with our "GOhear" quality hearing aid, the best selling hearing aid in Switzerland, for a trial period before purchasing if satisfied. So there's no reason to delay any longer.

In over 300 stores

You can discover how to hear again in less than one hour with Sonetik. And at an amazingly affordable price and without seeing a doctor. Simple, fast and conveniently available at the places where you and your health are their concern: at your pharmacy, chemist‘s, opticians or any of the many other Sonetik partners. Find your next Sonetik sales outlet near you: Sonetik.  

AHV/IV reimbursement for Sonetik

The AHV and IV will provide a reimbursement when purchasing Sonetik hearing aids if a certain degree of hearing loss is confirmed: The AHV will support you with a lump sum of CHF 630.- every five years if you have suffered an overall hearing loss of at least 35 %, regardless of whether one or two hearing aids have been purchased. The IV contributes CHF 840.- every six years towards a single hearing aid and CHF 1,650.- towards two hearing aids if your overall hearing loss is at least 20 %. To qualify, the diagnosis must be made by an ENT specialist.

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